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Research and Reference

Photo of computer and books used for research
 Research Writing

Writing a good research paper is really about two things - organization and time management. Use the following list and links to help keep yourself on track as you complete your assignment.

Step 1. Choose a Topic: try to choose a topic that interests you and your potential audience. You will expend a great deal of energy to complete a quality research assignment, and you might as well spend your valuable time reading and writing about something that you are interested in.

Informative: Informative writing does just that, IT INFORMS. Writers should be careful to cover all aspects of the topic without bias or predetermined preferences.

University of Hawaii - Maui College 

California State University - Fresno

Daphne Palmer



Midway College Library resource 

Matt Dunn's list

Mr. Donald E. Morton's list 


Demonstrative: Typically known as the How-to paper or speech, this type is writing is frequently organized in a step-by-step or chronologival order.

Step 2. Determine Key Words & Search Terms: Knowing how search engines and databases use terms and key words is important for finding the information you want. It is a good idea to do some preliminary research on Wikipedia or google search to identify the key concepts and terms for more advanced searching.


Wikipedia for Schools